How to learn English


When I was in primary school, I visited a private English coach for a year or two. However, there were no major results. A bit later, there were English lessons, when I was in secondary school, unfortunately, I was not really good in English learning. As a result, when I had graduated from school, I heard that grammar exist, could not talk at all, was able to read with a dictionary. When I was studying at a university, I had been involved in IT, so I started to read IT docs in English. Sometimes, I used to do it with a dictionary.

Just before I graduate, I had applied for international IT company. It was funny & frightful. I had to talk & chat with workmates during the day, so my English was improving forcedly & sharply. i.e.

  • My workmate stay with me & my during week or two.
  • I visited the UK by a car.
  • I called to DataCenter & talked with Indian support.
    As a result, I finished English intermediate course in 2011. However, I decided to resign in 2012 and applied for a new job without sufficient English practise.

In 2017 I applied for an international IT company and started an intermediate course again… On one hand It was strange because I finished it 6 years ago, but on the other hand, I finished it without any major efforts. However, I’ve been doing English tasks myself. i.e.:

  • I read books (I’ve read 10 books (all Harry Potter, DevOps handbooks etc) since last year).
  • I write articles/docs (not really a lot, but it is).
  • I listen to podcasts, watch movies without subs.
  • I learn online with a native teacher.
  • I used to spend about 20 hours per week for English learning.