Консольная утилита jq сменила адрес


Старый адрес: https://github.com/jqlang

Новый адрес: https://github.com/jqlang/jq

Утилита jq предназначена для обработки JSON из командной строки, написанная на языке C, и распространяемая по лицензии MIT.

Опционально jq может быть скомпилирована с использованием библиотеки регулярных выражений Oniguruma (лицензия BSD).


This is the jqlang organization. We«re hoping that Stephen Dolan will take notice and approve of it and our intent to host two repositories in this org:

  • jqlang/spec — a specification for the jq programming language
  • jqlang/jq — a new canonical source for the C implementation of jq that is currently at https://github.com/stedolan/jq/


WikiPedia deleted the page for the jq language because «it looks like a personal project». No amount of arguing with the editor helped.

Stephen Dolan has been too busy to look after jq.

The remaining maintainers, Nicolas Williams and William Langford have been too busy as well, and William has indicated that he will no longer act as a maintainer. We would like to recruit new maintainers.

Maintainers need sufficient access to be able to set up GitHub Actions, other CIs, etc., and to add maintainers/committers.

A specification for the jq language arguably belongs in a separate repository.

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