All-New Kindle App: для мобильных операционных систем

Компания Amazon обновила программное обеспечение All-New Kindle App для мобильных операционных систем Google Android и Apple iOS. Среди новшеств выделяются три основных улучшения:

  • All-New Look— новый внешний вид интерфейса, учитывающий книжную ориентацию приложения.
  • One-Tap Access— добавлена панель навигации для быстрого переключения между документами и страницами.
  • Easy Search— поиск теперь доступен из любого режима работы программы.

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Начало продаж: 24 октября 2017 года

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Amazon Announces All-New Kindle App—Easier Than Ever to Read and Connect with Friends

All-new Kindle app turns your phone or tablet into a book-read anytime, anywhere

An app built for book lovers-with everything you need all in one place, seamlessly move between the pages of your book, your library, your personal bookstore, and more

Be part of a community of readers-with Goodreads built into Kindle for iOS you can now discover and discuss books with friends, authors, and more

SEATTLE—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Oct. 24, 2017— (NASDAQ: AMZN) — Today, Amazon announced an all-new Kindle app that makes it easier than ever to turn your phone or tablet into a book-so you can read anytime, anywhere. The Kindle app is designed for book lovers and provides easy access to the most popular Kindle features-you can effortlessly move between the pages of your book, your library, your personalized bookstore and more. Also, with the Goodreads community built into Kindle for iOS, you can easily discover and discuss books with friends. The all-new Kindle app is available now in the App Store and Google Play, and will be delivered as part of a free, over-the-air update starting this week.

«We«ve built the new Kindle app from the ground up for book lovers, giving readers easy access to everything they might want to do with their books, all in one place,» said Chuck Moore, Vice President, Kindle. «It«s now easier than ever to turn your phone or tablet into a book and immerse yourself in an author«s world at any time.»

All-New Design

With the new Kindle app, it is easier to get to what you want. Whether it«s starting the next chapter in the book you«re reading or a quick search through your library, the all-new design makes switching back and forth seamless. Key updates include:

  • All-New Look-The Kindle app features a new look and feel inspired by books. Details include larger book covers, new fonts, a new app icon, and new light and dark background themes to choose from.
  • One-Tap Access-New bottom bar navigation automatically shows an icon of the book you«re currently reading, making it easier than ever to get back to reading at any moment. The bottom bar also provides quick access to Kindle«s most popular features allowing you to switch between the pages of your book, your library, your personal bookstore, and more.
  • Easy Search-The search bar is now always available throughout the app, so whether a book is in your library or among the millions of titles in the Kindle Store, it«s easier than ever to find it.

Discover and Discuss Books with Friends and the Goodreads Community on Kindle for iOS

The new Kindle for iOS app also helps customers discuss and get book recommendations from their friends, authors, and other readers with the Goodreads community now built right into the app. Goodreads, an Amazon subsidiary, is the world«s largest community of readers, with more than 65 million members.

«For as long as there have been books, people have discussed them with friends,» said Otis Chandler, CEO and co-founder of Goodreads. «When you finish an amazing book, you can«t wait to find out if other readers feel the same way. Readers trust their friends for recommendations, with around half of them saying they discover books through word-of-mouth. With the new features on Kindle, connecting with your friends and similar readers in the Goodreads community is now built into the app.»

Reading is better when you can discuss it with friends. In Kindle for iOS you can now:

  • Find New Books to Read-Browse the new Community tab to keep up-to-date with what friends and readers you follow are reading. When you find a book you are interested in, you can add it to your Want to Read list for quick reference when you are ready to start your next book.
  • Connect with Readers Who Like Similar Books-To help you get recommendations from readers who like the same books, Goodreads also suggests people to follow, including authors and popular Goodreads reviewers.
  • Share Your Thoughts About Books You«ve Read-Post notes and highlights from your book for friends to see and comment on. Easily share when you start reading a book, as well as your rating/review when you«ve finished a book.

Starting today, the Community tab featuring Goodreads discovery and discussion features are available on Kindle for iOS (in the US only), and will be coming to Kindle for Android in a future release. To learn more about how Kindle helps you read anytime, anywhere visit

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