Frontend Weekly Digest (1– 7 Apr 2019)

This week we issue a really huge selection of all the essential news you might have missed on Front-end development. Make sure to check the latest updates on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.



enWhat«s new in Foundation 6
enRevisiting the rendering tier: Introducing the new rendering layer for
enNative image lazy-loading for the web!
enWeb Components will replace your frontend framework
enCan I Stop? Free yourself from Internet Explorer 11 in places where (almost) nobody uses it.
enEvaluating Popular Web Browsers in Terms of Security and Privacy

  • Accessibility:
    enAccessibility for Vestibular Disorders: How My Temporary Disability Changed My Perspective
    enEnforcing Accessibility Best Practices with Automatically-Generated IDs
    enA progressive disclosure component
    enHTML5 Landmarks Exposed
    enThe Muddy Waters of ADA Website Compliance May Become Less Murky in 2019

  • Animations:
    enCreative View Mode Switch Animation
    enCrossroads Slideshow. An experimental slideshow with an inclined look, three slide previews and a content view on click.
    enInspirational Websites Roundup #3
    enDogstudio — webpage with outstanding scroll effect


enCSSBattle — CSS code-golfing is here: use your CSS skills to replicate targets with smallest possible code.
enWhat Does Dark Mode«s «supported-color-schemes» Actually Do?
enRuby Sass Has Reached End-Of-Life
enManaging Z-Index In A Component-Based Web Application
envideoCSS Standardization — The State of the Web, with Rick Viscomi and Jen Simmons (CSS Working Group, Mozilla)
enHow to create better themes with CSS variables
enThe Hidden Power of CSS Text Align


enWhat«s the big deal with TypeScript?
enYet Another JavaScript Framework
enRemy Sharp: How I failed the
enJavaScript Web Workers: A Beginner«s Guide
enHow to use Axios with JavaScript
enFrom Javascript to Typescript to Elm
enWhy you should learn vanilla JavaScript in isolation if you want to be a better developer

  • Theory:
    enHow to keep your JavaScript code simple and easy to read
    enAll you need to know about Promise.all
    enVariable Length Currying in JavaScript

  • VueVueJS:
    enVueJS and Vue CLI 3 plugins to Boost Up the Performance of Your Application
    enVueJs Amsterdam 2019—An Experience and Talks Summary (Part 1)
    enUnit vs E2E Testing for Vue.js
    enHow to Build a Real-Time Editable Data Table in Vue.js
    enIntroducing Vue Chimera, reactive restful api client
    enPreVue: All в One Prototyping Tool

  • ReactReact:
    envideoDan Abramov teaches me React Hooks
    enHigher-order functions: what they are, and a React example
    enHow to create a modern web app using WordPress and React
    enHow to create an accessible React modal
    enHow to create your own React hooks

  • AngularAngular:
    enWhat to Expect in Angular 8
    enBuilding extensible Dynamic Pluggable Enterprise Application with Angular
    enAn Angular Roadmap — The Past, Present, and Future of Angular
    enHow to Start Flying with Angular and NgRx
    enHow to create themes for your Angular 7 apps using CSS Variables
    enManaging State Using RxJS Subjects in Angular Applications

  • Libs & Plugins:
    enSolid — The Best JavaScript UI Library You«ve Never Heard Of
    encode-server: run VS Code on a remote server

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